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Member of Parliament for Calgary Centre / President – Crockatt Communications

Mike is a fantastic communicator who is an expert at taking the pulse of the public. He is actively engaged in his community and the world at large and is a specialist at staying on top of (or ahead of) current events and trends. He will be a great asset for you in advising you how to get the public’s attention and communicate with them to deliver results!


Dave Breakenridge

Associate News Editor and Columnist at the Calgary Sun

I appeared several times as a guest on Mike’s show on AM770CHQR, discussing current events in Calgary and Alberta. Mike proved a knowledgeable, courteous and professional host, who offered lively discussion on issues of the day.

As a media consumer, and fellow media professional, I always found Mike’s show essential listening.


Scott Hennig

Vice President, Communications at Canadian Taxpayers Federation

I always enjoyed being interviewed by Mike. He’s an excellent journalist and presenter of complicated stories in an understandable manner. He’s also quick witted and never one to shy away from telling it like he sees it.

I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by dozens and dozens of radio talk show hosts over the years and Mike was always one of my favourites.


Meaghan MacSween
Senior Producer, Battleground with David Akin, Sun News Network

I worked with Mike for two years as his producer at Corus Entertainment where he hosted a local afternoon drive show. His ability to find and deliver the REAL story was superior. He was often at least a day and several steps ahead of other media – his news sense is second to none. As a host, he was incredibly organized and prepared, and could switch gears smoothly when news broke – and it often did, on his watch. He’s resourceful, efficient, and gets things done.


Kim Johnson

Producer at CBC

Working as Mike’s producer for “Calgary Today” was a great experience. Mike is honest, straightforward, intelligent and has a great sense of humour. His journalistic sense was always on-point. Like any good radio news host, Mike challenged me as a producer. It led to great discussion and “radio gold”. I’d highly recommend Mike for any journalism-related work.


Susan Holzman

Broadcaster at CBC/Radio-Canada

Mike and I worked together for seven years at Corus Entertainment. He’s extremely knowledgeable and adaptable. When news breaks, he knows exactly what needs to be done and how to switch gears while staying calm under pressure. I also respect his journalism skills, he knows how to quickly get to the heart of what’s really going on. Above all else, he’s very personable,…more


Tammy Schuiling

Marketing Manager at Streetside Development Corporation

One of the things that has always impressed me about Mike is his constant thirst for knowledge. He demonstrated this on-air by always digging a bit deeper or finding another angle to ask questions or to tell a compelling story. Even outside the workplace, I’ve always found our conversations extremely engaging as Mike has vast knowledge about almost every conceivable topic….more


Matt Meier

President, RackNine Inc.

Over the past 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mike and his team. Mike is a goal-driven, detail-oriented individual, with excellent personal skills. Above and beyond that he maintains a great attitude as part of his work ethic, and been a real pleasure to work with. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Mike again in the future.


Kent Hehr

MLA at Government of Alberta

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike professionally for last five years. Initially, it was through Mike’s work in radio. As a local politician, I was often asked to appear on Mike’s show. He was always fair and asked detailed questions that engaged his audience in the discussion. Interestingly, Mike and I were all will also competitors in the last provincial election….more


Heath McCoy

Communications, Faculty of Arts at University of Calgary

When I was a rock critic at the Herald I used to do a weekly spot on Mike’s radio show, talking about all the music oriented happenings about town. The man was a total pro, knowledgable, charismatic and fast on his feet. I enjoyed our rapport and I was also impressed with him in his foray into politics when he brought those same qualities to the table. I think Mike is a…more


Joey Oberhoffner

Information Officer, Kananaskis Country at Government of Alberta

Mike has a well-earned reputation as an even-handed and fair presenter of facts in a “post-fact” political world, yet manages to be very entertaining and engaging at the same time. His embracing of social media and blogs gives him an edge in the new reality of twenty-first century media.


Marcel Latouche

President & CEO at MLG Associates

As a radio host Mike has always been fair and balanced when I have been a guest on his show. Mike is knowledgeable and asks the right questions to enable an open and factual discourse. His work at QR77 helped to uncover many discrepancies in the public sector, more specifically the City of Calgary.


Grant Galpin

Principal, GG & Associates Inc – Building Public Private Partnerships from the Ground Up.

Mike provided an excellent opportunity for our public campaign on the Airport Tunnel to be given a hearing on local radio – and we have connected several times since. Most recently we were both Wildrose candidates in perhaps the only two Southern Alberta ridings that had true 3 way races. Mike is an excellent public speaker – manages issues extremely well – and I believe…more


Jason Wellman

Account Executive at Corus Entertainment

I had the pleasure of working with Mike early in my career with Corus Radio. Mike is dedicated, respectful, and accurate. Three attribute amoung many which I believe have lead Mike to be a respected Radio Talk Show Host. Mike was a pleasure to work with and a great member of the team. He is reliable, professional, and enthusiastic.


Cosmo Skotniski

Contracts Administrator at Suncor Energy

Mike is very personable and dynamic individual with a keen sense in being able to manage relationships involving varying personality types. Mike helped both myself and our campaign team with media relations expertise as well as support in several areas including public speaking, a field in which Mike is undoubtedly an expert.


Jack Mintz

Palmer Chair of Public Policy at University of Calgary

Good communicator and interviewer.


John Hilton-O’Brien

Private Equity Specialist at Tri View Capital Ltd.

Mike is more than a talk show host. I worked with him on a provincial political campaign, in which he was a candidate. He was a responsible communicator, able to tactfully raise and handle difficult issues without missing a beat. He`d have my vote as a talk-show host – diplomatic and tough at the same time!


David Tait

Freelance editor, writer, proofreader, voiceovers

Mike was meticulous and reliable as a radio talk-show host; friendly and professional. He knew the issues and was always able to explain them to his audience.


Shane Byciuk

Account Executive/Commercial Insurance Broker at Canada Brokerlink

In my opinion, Mike is one of the best journalists in Calgary. During his time as a radio host, he brought to light many issues that affected Calgarians and often touched on subjects that were not being addressed by other media outlets. I found him to be one of the most professional and entertaining hosts that I have come across.


Partner – Litigation and Environmental Groups at McMillan LLP

Mike and I worked together as candidates. He helped me with hosting a community town hall. Mike works with the public extremely well. He is thoughtful and articulate. He is a person that I trust and has great skill in public presentation, preparation and post-event analysis.


Andre Kok

Regional Director at Christopher Stewart Wine & Spirits Asia

In 2009, my company appointed me as the co-host of a weekly segment on wine on AM 770 CHQR, hosted by Mike. Having never been on the radio before, I was naturally very nervous but Mike was very easy to banter with and it took me only minutes to feel right at home behind the microphone. Over the months we were on the air together, Mike always made me feel relaxed and…more


Alana Baker

Associate Producer at CBC

Mike is enthusiastic, personable and incredibly easy to get along with. He always took pride in his show and worked hard to make it the best. He’s one smart cookie- and he really cares about doing a good job.


Ron Shewchuk

Consultant, video producer and author

I have been Mike’s radio show guest many times over the years and it has always been a pleasure working with him. He’s a quick study, a big picture thinker, and, above all, a superb communicator. He can make a complex issue or idea easy to understand, and his storytelling is infused with professionalism, wit and style.


Dwayne Keen

Area Manager – Airdrie Alberta at NuVista Homes Ltd

Mike Blanchard is a total pro. His preparation, knowledge and commitment to excellence is always evident. His communication skills are only matched by his integrity and work ethic.


James Albers

Prosci Change Management, Organizational Health, HR Outsourcing and Training and Development Consultant

I have worked with Mike over the last two years. In that time I have come to appreciate his dedication and commitment to his work and his professionalism. Mike is always ready to lend a hand and goes the extra mile in all he does.


Teri Toovey

Executive Assistant to the EVP Finance & CFO at WestJet

I’ve known Mike for the better part of a decade on both a professional and personal basis. Mike is a diligent and dedicated indvidual who takes his work, but not himself, incredibly seriously. He’s proven time and time again that his work ethic, attention to detail and ability to research a topic is second to none.


Sandy Jenkins

Consulting Geophysicist

I did a radio interview with Mike and found him to be well organized and knowledgeable.


Derrick Ash

Lead Corporate Operations Specialist Sobeys

I have known Mike Blanchard for ten years and consider him a well informed individual within the Western Canadian marketplace. A true Calgarian if there ever was one.

During this time I have felt very comfortable relying on Mike for both personal and professional advice. He has a genuine interest and a keen understanding of many topics and events. Very approachable…more


Brian Lubbers

Owner,Manager at Proforma iPrint

I had the pleasure of working for the same radio group as Mike followed by several years with a competitive station. Mike earned the respect and admiration of colleagues and competitors with his work ethic, sense of humour and ability to stay on top of the issues and present them in an entertaining and informative way.


Tom Pura

Event Manager at Grande Prairie & District Chamber of Commerce

I enjoyed working with Mike. He is very knowledgeable and aware of current issues. He also has a good ability of relating to people and engaging them in conversation. Easy going but pays attention to detail. Very professional and yet comes off as very personable as well.


Leo Knight

Chief Operations Officer, Paladin Security Group Ltd.

Mike is the quintessential pro as a broadcaster and interviewer. He understands the issues and is not afraid to tackle anything head on. These days too many broadcasters are so “vanilla,” sitting on the sidelines afraid to get into the meat of an issue. Not Mike. He is entertaining and insightful and a needed voice on Canadian airwaves.


Mark Stephen

Sports Director at Corus Entertainment

Mike and I worked together for several years in the afternoon at CHQR Radio. His upbeat personality was an asset to the company and I certainly enjoyed his company. Beyond the personality, he had a strong desire to do the job well and invested his time in doing same. I believe he would fit into virtually any setting he is under consideration for


Arnie Jackson

Sports Director at JSA Sports Network Ltd.

I had the privilege of working with a very dedicated and professional broadcaster who always put the listeners at the top of his agenda. As a communications expert, I was impressed with Mike’s thoroughness and intensity in getting to the bottom of a story and sharing the facts from a variety of perspectives reguardless of how difficult securing factual information often…more